Week 4

Every Wednesday and Saturday, there’s a small open market in Rongai where they’ll sell clothes, fruits, vegetables, etc. We went last Wednesday for the third time since we’ve been here. Rory and I made a deal where we had to spend 100 bob or less (equivalent to 1USD) on ridiculous clothes for the other person […]

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Week 2/3

We’ve been camping out for the past few days and will be for the next few because a school group of Americans have come to paint a couple of classrooms at the primary school. Last Friday, we went to our friend, a locals house for a birthday celebration. We ate tons of ugali and burned […]

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First week

After a few days of settling in, we had out first week of school today (weird saying that). I chose to work at the primary school because it has the fewest resources and needs the most help. We were greeted with hundred of children opening the gates for us and shouting “masunga” (translates to white […]

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Day 1

Arrived in Kenya after a long and sleepless flight. Met the other three who will be staying for the same length of time as me; Rory, Tom, and Lucy. They all seem very kind but very different-think it’ll be a really good group overall. Straight out of the airport we were bombarded by taxi drivers […]

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Off to a late start with Meggie into London around 1:30pm. Was hoping to make it onto the London eye, but the view would have been dreary for the price. Next time! We were however able to walk around for awhile and make a stop for some hot chocolate. While walking, Meg attempted to point […]

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Had my first bacon sandwich the other day…it’s exactly how it sounds-bacon in bread with some butter. Not exactly the most nutritious breakfast-or tasty for that matter. Been trying to steer clear of mince pies and fruit cakes as everyone we visit seems to have leftovers from the holidays. England’s been great with the Pendered’s […]

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