First impression of Nepal is good-really good. Although my bags still haven’t arrived from the airport in Dubai, I haven’t slept properly in god knows how long, and I’m coming to the end of Typhoid, I can tell that this is going to be a good trip. This morning, I was taken on a walk through Thamel to take out money and get a sim card. Right off the bat, I was told that cows are very religious, to avoid walking alone at night, and that I will be approached often by people offering tours, massages, hair cuts, taxis, and weed. More often than not, they will offer all of these services at once. Interesting facts to start off with I’d say. Anyways, my plan is to explore a bit more this afternoon and head to the monkey temple, or Swayambhunath, tomorrow! I will also upload a handful of pictures from Madagascar as I have good wifi access.