Last day in Madagascar

So Madagascar has been a whirlwind. Teaching, island outreach, turtle conservation, and marine research/scuba diving. Saw baby turtles hatching, helped monitor adult green and hawksbill turtles, watched bioluminescent plankton, taught a boy who was deaf and mute, ate lots of beans and rice (an understatement), became both open water and advanced open water scuba certified, hiked to a sacred waterfall and swam in it, saw baobabs, walked across massive limestone formations, got sick…a lot, did a wreck dive, learned a bit of Malagasy, made cement and bricks, got peed on by a lemur, played basketball against the Ampang girls basketball team…and won(!), and much more I’m sure.

Because of the recent increased caution and devastating Easter events in Sri Lanka, I am no longer able to go there next. Instead, I’ll be doing a similar program (medical internship) in Nepal! I am still very excited and will be staying with a host family in Chitwan interning at a hospital.

I fly out of Madagascar tomorrow afternoon and will upload pictures once I’m on a steady wifi.