Arrived in Madagascar on Thursday! Limited wifi access so will update as best I can. Staying in a hut with 5 other girls who are all staying 10 weeks so we have nearly no space because we all brought so much. Started with teaching today and think I’ll either do forest conservation or turtle research the following week. Yesterday, I had two lessons in town-one where is watched someone teach a student and the other one, the student didn’t show. Today, I was sent on a 6:00am boat to Hellville, the closest big town on Nosy-Be where I’ll be learning how to take over someone else’s classes. I’ll be teaching English to students, a choir, a group of judges, and a few others in groups. Thought I’d let me body acclimatize to the VERY humid heat before I do either forest or turtle work. Crazy animals so far and the sunsets are stunning. I walk out of my hut to a view of the ocean so can’t really complain. Went to the closest town, a 45 minute rocky walk from camp the other day. A few of us were sitting in a restaurant for lunch when the owner called us over because the lemurs came for a visit. Apparently, they come most days and don’t go anywhere else on the island other than the forests. We fed them as they pushed each other around for the next piece of banana. Also saw a chameleon in a tree and pointed it out to the owner, who informed us that it is a huge taboo in town and that if we tell people they will run to town in fear.