Week 2/3

We’ve been camping out for the past few days and will be for the next few because a school group of Americans have come to paint a couple of classrooms at the primary school. Last Friday, we went to our friend, a locals house for a birthday celebration. We ate tons of ugali and burned it off by dancing and lifting the kids (once you lift one, it’s game over). Also on Friday, we bought a pet chicken and named her Pegasus. We lost her in the first hour for the full night but someone found and returned her the next morning. Saturday, we went into Nakuru with the hopes of going to an ostrich farm via tuk tuk. After about 45 minutes of near death driving with four of us in the back of the tuk tuk, we passed a small town and went down a very very long dirt road. We all hopped out and payed the driver, wondering how we were going to get back to Nakuru, nonetheless Rongai. Eager and ready for some ostriches, we walked into a beautiful lodge and asked which direction to the animals. Wrong place, no ostriches. Just beer and a great view of the Menengai crater. Sunday we set up camp and relaxed a bit.

We were finally able to get the library key today and do a big kitchen clean up. We moved all of the beds out of the library with the help of the kids. Hopefully, with some paint and lots of cleaning/organizing, Tom, Rory, and I can get it up and running. Most went into town after school and Rory and I went for an afternoon swim in the dam. Nice sundowner (drinking, watching the sunset, socializing) tonight with everyone on the farm. The Americans leave tomorrow but I think most of us are planning to continue camping.