Day 1

Arrived in Kenya after a long and sleepless flight. Met the other three who will be staying for the same length of time as me; Rory, Tom, and Lucy. They all seem very kind but very different-think it’ll be a really good group overall. Straight out of the airport we were bombarded by taxi drivers and had to wait a bit for Moses, the arranged driver, to pick us up. After puzzling our overpacked bags into the bag and squeezing myself between Tom and Rory in the back, we were off. The 6+ hour ride to the farm was an adventure itself. After slowing down to see the antelope, sheep, donkeys, cows, horses, and zebras(!!!), we were pulled over by the police. Moses had been driving 83 in a 50 which meant that we waited a while before we were sent to the police station. There, Moses had to pay a 5,000ksh fee which in the end, I had to pay for half of (being the only one there already with shillings)…don’t worry, he took it off my split price at the end. We continued taking turns with >5 minute naps and watched as the lush and green landscapes around Nairobi, turned to dusty paths with dead cacti.

We were able to make it to the grocery store where we bought two full carts of groceries (rice, beans, pasta, long life milk mostly) and set up our Kenya sim cards.

Alas, we made it to the farm where we unloaded our bags and groceries and sat around for a bit. Being so early in the day, (our flight arrived at 5am) we decided to venture off a bit and explore the 4,000 acre farm. After passing cows, cows, horses, donkeys, and more cows, we found a nice set of wooden benches by a small lake. We sat there for a few hours talking and not talking before heading back to get ready for dinner. Hellen and Johnny invited us and a few other folks on the farm over for a fabulous steak, bacon, potato, and veggie dinner which was wonderful. After sitting around, drinking a few beers and wine, we headed back to “our” Molo House for the night. Everyone was so exhausted that we hadn’t even bothered to say goodnight. Good night of sleep.