Off to a late start with Meggie into London around 1:30pm. Was hoping to make it onto the London eye, but the view would have been dreary for the price. Next time!

We were however able to walk around for awhile and make a stop for some hot chocolate. While walking, Meg attempted to point out the notable buildings but her skills really shined through with the Big Ben. “I wanna say that’s the Big Ben…but then again I don’t exactly know.” To her defense, it’s not in any shape to be recognized-We walked a bit more and saw the Palace of Westminster (Parliament), Buckingham Palace, and ended up wandering through Covent Gardens.

Finally, we took the mainline back to pick up James at work. Never will I complain about being crammed in a New York train again. Meg and I found ourselves in the rush hour crowd before finding James and we watched as people threw themselves into already stuffed trains. We laughed at one man for clogging the doors with half his body making it on, thus delaying the train. Only figures that I was doing the same thing 3 trains later. As Meg put it, I “shoehorned” my way in there. Luckily, I was behind Meg so it was only her hair in my mouth…but of course when the next group piled on, I found my hair to be in someone else’s mouth…

Last thing I have to say is that it cost 30p to use the restroom. Apparently, most places charge…seems crazy to me.